Yakuta Bar

The project was the refurbishment of a bar located in the city centre of Barcelona. One of the determining factors of the design was that this space was to be used not only at night but also throughout the day. Also, the budget was very low.

The fundamental point was to make this bar stand out from all the other bars on the same street The concept was born from the word ‘Yakuta’, which is an arabic word for ‘precious stone’.
Following the concept of ‘the stone’, we laid out the distribution of spaces and designed the various pieces of the project.
The proposal comprises two separate areas (day and night), which are connected by a corridor that has an homogeneous MDF surface covered in black microcement. Adjacent to the corridor, the service areas are located (kitchen and toilets). The most important area is at the front of the premises – right next to the street, thus attracting passersby. Therefore, the bar itself is the main attraction. For this, we created a wooden-structured MDF monolith which we covered in yellow formica. This stands out like an inverted and fragmented gem in which the colour naturally flows from one piece to the next. In order to emphasize its different sides, we placed black metallic profiles on the edges. Next to the bar, covering a structural column, we placed another polygonal piece with the same characteristics as the bar. This not only conceals pipework, but also makes the whole bar area stand out.

To take this idea further, we proposed a black and white palette for the rest of the space which allows the illumination to modify the environment. Continuing with the theme of polygonal forms, we created a porch which frames the main access and transfers the view of the exterior to the interior and vice versa. To construct this we used MDF finished with matte white lacquer, which contrasts with the pre-existing concrete coating on the walls that, to meet the low budget, we had to keep. However, its texture was accentuated by the use of indirect and grazing light.


Location: Barcelona-Ciutat vella

Surface: 120m² 

Year: 2008

Categories: Interior, Architecture

croquis piedra
bar details