Establish a contemporary AGORA.

A space which gathers public culture, based on the conceptual structure of the classic Agora. We aim on
its reinterpretation as a place where to expose social values. We create the ‘Agora’ following its guidelines, residing our proposal in three steps: BOAST, ENCOUNTER and INTERCHANGE.

The intervention keeps intact the architectural sense of the old warehouses. Our proposal is respectful with the atmosphere of the site, maintaining its essence and adapting it to the new needs, by using simple scaffolding system.



Location: Fleur-de-Lis Street – London UK

Year: 2010

In collaboration with Ana Roque

Categories: Architecture, Design, Landscape, Ephemeral


An access that conveys, a symbol to the new public actions, a banner to the events taking place, a reference point in this node.

To suggest a meeting point, as in the classical agora, where citizens gathered to discuss and interchange ideas, concepts, values… We propose an area . which allows events, offering a place to stay instead of passing
by. A technological backdrop , which will engage the local and outer artistic community producing an original, ever changing public work of art.

A place where people come to exhibit and show their creative works, generating a multidisciplinary space for fashion, crafts design, painting…and the whole creative disciplines, in a mobile and adaptable stall.
Furthermore it is a space to convey ideas and culture through books. An open public library where people come ‘bookcrossing’, in a contemporary ‘metroon’, the metroom.