RAS Bookstore

Urbanism,architecture, design and art in the same space.

RAS is the Actar’s bookstore and gallery space in Barcelona. RAS is the main bookshop for Actar’s titles. This space plays host to visual art displays by local and international creative talents, and brings to life the content of publications with author talks and events.
This proposal aims to create the distribution of space with a modular element. The interior consists of continuous space hybrids; nodes within the store which can be easily altered. These space hybrids are interpreted as voids, which are filled with exhibitions, objects and books. The entrance and the back of the room are used at the same time as shop and gallery, allowing the clientele enter into a mixed space.
These areas are connected by a corridor, covered with cheap, white plastic boxes, which are used as shelves and displays. This concept allows a free configuration of walls. The boxes hang from a grid of fasteners fixed on the wall. Furthermore, these boxes are used toresolve the lighting of the corridor and as seats, in order to read books.
The window is interpreted as a connection between the interior and exterior of the bookshop. Its 3-part divided glass gives individual space for a graphic identification of each of Ras’s areas – exhibition space, book shop and giftstore. The corresponding display boxes are easily recombined in differentpositions, allowing free configuration within the window space.
In the entrance, the till, office and display are gathered boxes hang from theceiling. Red shopping baskets are also used for showing the products, whichreproduce the RAS logo on the wall.
The gallery area is another space hybrid, only shared with the existing shelf (designed by Jaime Salazar). This shelf introduces a dynamic distribution concept, thus it has a pivotant system and it is transformed into a door or background for the exhibitions. This way, the client can visit the exhibition and, at the same time, peruse the latest new publications. The lighting ofthe rest of the space is provided by horizontal diffused lines of light.

 International Competition

Ras Bookstore

1st prize

Location: Barcelona

Year: 2010

In collaboration with Ana Roque

Categories: Interior, Design, Ephemeral, Retail


Display of magazines in boxes