Europan 11 – sy kit

sewing the urban tissues and its relation with the sea

The current development of Simrisham town, is based on a coastal city concept, where the connections between coast and town centre are made by two main roads: Östergatan and Standvägen. This last road separates the city as well, avoiding sprawling to the sea and resulting in an important lack of communication.

At the same time, there is a problematic of communication between the traditional city and the new potential areas of urban expansion and mixed use.

The new economical activities, which are in process of expansion, such as tourism and agriculture, need a new PLATFORM to show an adaptation of Simrisham to the new ways of life.

Having in mind the inherent duality of the town and giving priority to the sea, we analyze the lack of context between the harbor shoreline and the town waterfront. In order to give tourism its importance, new accesses and recreational areas urge.

The proposal is based on a primary and important action of joining the sea with the town, through an intervention of “SY” (swedish for sewing) process: sewing, extending, cutting and folding the landscape and the town. The urban and residential space is a continuous sewed tissue that connects simultaneously urban and residential areas.

This sprawling action is realized through strategic crossing points, that connect with the main traffic roads.


Europan 11 – Simrisham

Location: Simrisham – Sweden

Year: 2011

In collaboration with Ana Roque & Ariadna Binefa

Categories: Architecture, Design, Landscape

Interior de manzana final
Snow_river final