Casa Decor – Fabra i Coats

m3, is a project for new lifestyles. The living habits have changed.
In recent years, to share a flat is a viable alternative for living. Due to the growing population in some cities, some people find themselves sharing and living in more and more smaller spaces. The proposal is a mobile and multiple space, which adapts to the needs and habits of the
inhabitants. The project starts from the lifestyles of the three ocupants, with different
proffesions and lifestyles. For instance, working at home; the part-time use of day space; etc. For this reason, a housing space where the bedrooms are only used for sleeping and wardrobe, a the maximum space is generated to be used as common areas. Elevating the bedrooms, an interior urbanism is created within this huge space. These cubes, accentuate a richer space, that due to the alternation of heights and light, turns into a dynamic and flexible one, more in tune to living habits nowadays.


Client: Casa Decor Barcelona

Location: Barcelona

Surface: 80m² 

Year: 2007


Categories: Interior,Housing, Exhibition

floor plan